Instructions for use:

Open the template file.

Download the CT report "overall results" as a .csv from the reports tab in CT.

Open the downloaded report and copy the data below the header row.

In the template file, paste special:values beginning in row 7.

The file is formatted to print on a set number of pages-you can change this on the page layout tab by changing the "page height".  The file is currently set at a length of 3 pages.

For overall results during the race, we will print results every ~60 finishers. When we print, we hide all rows except for the last 60 finishers  (or however many we're putting on a page) so that there is always only 1 page printing and it is the next 60. That prevents it from printing the entire set of results every time.

"Sheet 1" contains a pivot table that tracks the number of finishers in each age group. We can use this to see how many have finished in each group to quickly give the RD a heads up on status for age group awards. To update that table, click "refresh all" on the data tab. It's just a quick eyeball to see progress on the age groups filling up, but I think it can be helpful.