Our Terra Running Company Fit Process

The trained staff at Terra Running Company is equipped to help customers find the best kind of shoe for their foot and their activities. We stock a range of footwear options from 8 different shoe brands to ensure we have a shoe that feels GREAT on your foot. The fit process takes 10-15 minutes and includes: 

1. Looking at the customer's old shoes. Did they work? What did you like? What didn't you like?

2. Discussing any pains or injuries in the customer's feet, ankles, knees, hips, or back.

3. Watching the customers walking gait.

4. Scanning the customer's foot on our CurrexSole MotionQuest Neo Monlith dynamic foot scanner. This is the first foot scanner in the country to scan runner's feet as you walk across the foot plate, telling us your pressure points and foot movement in a dynamic way. (Read more about the MotionQuest Neo Monlith HERE.)

5. Selecting several shoes from various brands for the customer to try on, and listening to the customer's feedback.

6. Watching the customers walking gait in each of the shoes.